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Value Checking®

Tailored to fit your financially active lifestyle

UMB Value Checking provides you with additional features to help you more effectively manage your money. You'll not only find it easy to access your account, but you'll also enjoy extra benefits designed to save you money when you take advantage of additional products and banking services. And all that it takes is $100 to open.

Use it Conveniently

With UMB Value Checking, you'll enjoy the ultimate in accessibility. 

Use it for savings:

Save on these valuable services and take advantage of preferred pricing on select loans:

  • 30% Discount on Non-Exclusive Checks
  • Free Cashier's Checks and Money Orders
  • Special Loan Rates and Origination Fee Discounts (Subject to Loan Approval)

And there's more: 

  • Overdraft Protection Available Upon  Approval
  • Electronic Statement or Paper Statement with Check Images at No Charge

How do I qualify for this checking account?

A great checking account like this comes with a few guidelines. You must:

  • Receive a Direct Deposit of $250 or More Each Month OR
  • Maintain an Average Daily Collected Balance* of $1,500 or Greater Each Month OR
  • Maintain a Combined $3,000 Balance** in your Deposit Accounts Each Month OR
  • Be a Student Under the Age of 25 OR

An $8 Monthly Service Charge Will be Assessed at Each Monthly Statement Period in Which None of the Conditions Described Above are Met.

Stop by your nearest UMB Banking Center to learn more.

1 Access fees may be charged by the institution that owns the non-UMB Bank ATM. ATM owner surcharge fee not refunded.
2 HELOC (.25% Standard Rate Reduction, Origination Fee Waived), Home Equity Loan (Origination Fee reduced up to $100, depending on Lien position), Unsecured Home Improvement Loan (.25% Standard Rate Reduction), Auto/Boat/Recreational/Other Title Vehicles (.25% Standard Rate Reduction, Origination Fee reduced by $25)

*Average Daily Collected Balance is calculated by adding together the balance of items in the account for which the bank has received credit (the "collected balance") for each day of the monthly statement cycle. That balance is then divided by the number of days in the monthly statement period.
** Balance for transaction deposit accounts (checking, savings or money market) is the ending ledger balance of the related account the day before the date the checking account statement is produced, plus the ledger balance of the master checking account the day that the statement is produced. Balance for term deposit accounts (CD or IRA) is the prior month’s ending ledger balance of the related account

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