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Mobile Banking for Android FAQs

Why did UMB go with a Web launcher and not a full application?
The features that would be included in a full application would provide very little additional benefit over what is currently available through the mobile site (

Using a Web launcher greatly reduces the chance of exposure to a customer’s account information. If the mobile phone with a full application installed on it should ever become lost or stolen, the account information stored within the application’s memory could be found and exploited by an unauthorized user.

What is the difference between the web launcher and a full app?
A full application allows the user to set up alerts that can then tag the application. The Android Web launcher only allows for alerts to be sent to an alert store within the browser section or by SMS text message. Alerts may be managed through UMB’s Online Banking application. Additionally, the full application can take advantage of geo-locator functionality and includes a navigation menu bar.

Is there a cost for UMB Mobile Banking?
UMB Bank does not charge customers to use mobile banking, regardless of which access method they choose to use.

Will the Android Web launcher require me to enter my User ID every time I login, or will it recognize me by my phone number?
The Web Launcher directs your mobile phone to using your default browser, which will display the standard Smartphone sign-in page. This page does have an option to remember your User ID. Simply check the box when signing in and your User ID will be remembered when you return to UMB Mobile Banking.

Is the Android Web launcher functionality similar to the iPhone app?
Yes. It will have the look and feel of the Smartphone app and nearly all of the functionality offered through a resident application.

Can I download the Android Web launcher directly to my phone?
The Web Launcher will download to your Android mobile device during the installation process from the Google Play® App store.

Can more than one user access the Android Web launcher on a mobile device?
Yes. If you have your User ID remembered at the sign-in page, the other authorized user can type over the pre-populated User ID and complete the sign-in process.

Please note: Wireless carriers may charge fees for data usage or text messages.

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Online Banking

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