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Mobile Application FAQs

What is the Mobile App?
The Mobile App is a secure mobile banking application designed for the iPod Touch™, iPhone™, and iPod™. For Android devices, UMB also makes available a Web launcher that can be loaded through the Google Play® store.

With the Mobile App you can:

  • View Account Balances
  • View Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills
  • Receive and Manage Push Alerts
  • Search for ATM and Branches

What do I need to use the Mobile App?
To start using the Mobile App you will need:

How do I download the Mobile App or Web launcher to my Smart Phone?
There are two ways to download the Mobile App:

  • Directly from the App Store.
    1. Access the App Store from your mobile device and search for “UMB Mobile Banking.”
    2. Click “Install” to download the App or Web Launcher.
    3. Agree to the terms within our Mobile Banking Service Agreement and the App or Web Launcher is ready to use. You can now access UMB Mobile Banking by entering your User ID and Password.
  • From the iTunes® Store on your computer (iOS devices only)
    1. If you don’t have the iTunes application on your computer, you will need to download it from
    2. Once the iTunes application is downloaded to your computer, access the iTunes store and search for “UMB Mobile Banking.”
    3. Click “Get Application” and the UMB Mobile Banking App will automatically download to your computer.
    4. The Mobile Banking App will be ready to access next time you synchronize your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with your computer.

What are Account Nicknames?
You are required to create your own unique account nicknames when activating your accounts to protect your private information. Each mobile account nickname must be unique, contain one to eight characters, and can include letters or numbers, but not spaces or special characters.
Choose short nicknames that are easy to type on your mobile device, as you will be entering them regularly while using the Mobile Text Alerts service (e.g., CH1, CH2, CC, SAV, etc.).

Your mobile account nicknames will not replace the account names or nicknames defined in Online Banking.

How do I add another mobile device?
There is no limit to the number of mobile devices that you can have verified on your Mobile Banking account. To add another mobile device, follow the below instructions:

  1. Select the Phones tab within Manage Mobile (accessed through Online Banking).
  2. Click the Add Phone Number button, enter your mobile device number and select Register.
  3. You will receive a text message on your mobile device containing a Verification Code (arrival time may take up to 1 minute). Enter this code in the Enter PIN input box on the website enrollment page and select Verify.
  4. After entering the verification code, you will be automatically redirected to the Phones page and you will see your new mobile device number in the Phone Number List.

Using the Mobile App

How do I view my Account Balances?
View your Account Balance by using the menu located at the bottom of your mobile device screen, tap on Accounts. The default view will display the current balance for each account.

To view Account Activity: View your account history from the Accounts page by tapping on an account name. This will display all recent transaction information for the specified account. Display the Activity Detail information by tapping on any transaction listed on the Activity page.

To search Account Activity: Search a selected account by amount, date, or check. Search for a particular amount by entering a Low and High amount from the Search by Amount page. Similarly, you can set a date range on the Search by Date page and check number range on the Search by Check page.

How do I transfer funds between my accounts?
Schedule a transfer from the Transfer Funds page by tapping on Schedule a Transfer.

  1. Enter which accounts you would like to transfer From and To, the amount and the date.
  2. Tap on Transfer.
  3. Tap on Send Copy to receive a copy of the confirmation number as an SMS message.
  4. Tap Done to complete the transfer.

To view Recent Transfers: View recent transfers by tapping View Recent Transfers from the main menu Transfer Funds page. This brings up the Recent Transfers page, which lists all registered accounts. Tap on a specific account to view all recently completed transfers, as well as the transfer details.

To view Scheduled Transfers: View all Scheduled Transfers by tapping on View Scheduled Transfers from the Transfer Funds page. Tapping on a single account displays a list of all transfers scheduled for a future date.

To cancel a Scheduled Transfer: Cancel a Scheduled Transfer by tapping on Cancel Transfer. A confirmation for the scheduled cancellation is displayed with a reference ID on the Cancel Confirmation page.

How do I pay my bills with Mobile App?
To set up a bill payment via the Mobile App you first have to create a payee in UMB Online banking. Once you have created the payee, schedule a bill payment from the Bill Pay page by tapping on Schedule a Payment.

  1. Select a Payee, the account to transfer From, the amount and the date.
  2. Tap on Pay.
  3. Tap on Send Copy to receive a copy of the confirmation number as an SMS message.
  4. Tap Done to complete the payment.

To view Recent Payments: View recent payments by tapping View Recent Payments from the Bill Pay page. The Recent Payments page displays all recent payment(s) you have processed. You can get the details of any payment by tapping on it. This will give you the post date, amount, reference ID, account it was paid from and the Payee.

To view Scheduled Payments: View all Scheduled Payments by tapping on View Scheduled Payments from the Bill Pay page. All future scheduled payment(s) are displayed. By tapping on a scheduled payment you can display the details. From this page, you can view the post date, amount, reference ID, account it was paid from and the Payee.

To cancel Scheduled Payments: Cancel a Scheduled Payment from the Scheduled Payments details page by tapping Cancel Payment. A Cancel Confirmation page is displayed with all details, including a confirmation number. By tapping on Done, the cancellation of the payment is completed.

To view Payees: View all Approved Payees for scheduled payments by tapping Select a Payee from the Pay Bills page. A Scroll list is displayed of all payees to select from. Payees must first be set up in UMB Online banking.

Can I create a Payee in the Mobile App?
No, Payees can only be created in UMB Online Banking.

How do I find UMB branch offices and ATM locations?
Locate the closest ATM or Branch Offices by going to the Main Menu and tapping on Find Locations. (Note that when you use this function on the App, you will be prompted for permission to use your current location.) Select to search from the following:

  • ZIP Code
  • Address

Once you have selected ZIP (and address), you tap on Search By to search for the closest ATM or Branch.

All closest locations are returned. Tapping on one of the returned locations will display street, city, state, ZIP, phone, hours, and available services. To view a map or get directions to the locations, tap Map/Directions at the bottom of the page.

Please note:  Wireless carriers may charge fees for data usage or text messages.