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Online Banking Safety

You know that online banking is an easy, convenient and efficient way to manage your finances online. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, two-thirds of online bankers check their balances and details more often than non-online bankers, which offers increased security from identity fraud – in fact, fraud discovered electronically is found, on average, 25 days earlier than fraud found by monitoring paper statements*. To further safeguard your online transactions, follow these simple steps.

1. Create a strong password. At UMB, we require that your online banking password contain at least 7 characters. Any one character can be repeated 15 times. Never use birthdays, phone numbers or addresses that may be known by others. It’s also advisable to change your password every few months. Remember, UMB will never ask for your account login information via e-mail or phone.

2. Bookmark UMB’s correct Web address, Use this to login to our site each time. This way, you won’t misspell the address and land on a look-alike site. Similarly, never use links in e-mails to login to financial Web sites. Many identity thieves set up fraudulent Web pages that look completely authentic, with names, addresses and designs similar to legitimate financial Web sites.

3. Regularly download updates for antivirus and other software. This helps protect your computer and network from becoming infected with viruses that can steal your sensitive information or allow virtual thieves to hack in to your computer.

4. Verify that you are using a secure Web page. Look for a closed padlock icon, and check to make sure the URL begins with “https.”

5. Monitor your accounts regularly. Check all monthly financial account statements for accuracy. If you find any discrepancies, notify UMB immediately.

And you can rest assured knowing that UMB safeguards your Internet transactions with the most up-to-date security features available, including:
Multifactor authentication
– If your computer is not recognized, you must prove your identity with answers to questions and photo recognition.

Password-protected – When you log on to online banking, you must enter a user ID and password. This prevents others from accessing your information.

Firewalls Virtual blocking techniques used to stop outsiders from hacking into our system, thus preventing anyone from being able to steal your money or personal information.

Internal training – Our associates are held to strict standards to protect your private information.

Your common-sense precautions, along with our security measures, mean you can safely take advantage of the benefits of online banking and bill pay. If you have questions about our online banking tools, simply call our customer support center at 816.860.5798 in the Kansas City area or toll-free outside the Kansas City area at 800.699.8702, contact us or visit any of our banking centers.

*“2007 Online Banking and Bill Payment,” Javelin Strategy & Research, June 2007.

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Online Banking

Pay your bills online. It saves you time and money.

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Security and Privacy

Protect yourself with these safety tips.