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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions


How do I view account activity? 

The Your Accounts page displays the most recent balance information available for your online accounts. This page is the first page displayed after you sign in to UMB online banking, although you also can get there by clicking the Your Accounts link from the menu on the left side of the page. Clicking the Activity link for one of these accounts takes you to the Account Activity and Detail page, which lists account transaction details.

How do I stop a payment on a check?
You can stop a payment on a check through a live UMB Web Chat or you may contact us via phone. Please note that we cannot accept stop payment requests via e-mail.

Why did I get an overdraft charge on this date, when I made a deposit on that same date?
Overdraft/NSF charges are deducted from the account the next business day. So if an item was presented that created a negative balance, the Overdraft/NFS charge will show on you account the following day.

Why don’t I see my ATM fees within the same week?
ATM and monthly service fees are deducted on the statement date.

What is a "pending" transaction?
Online banking enables you to see pending transactions, that is, transactions that have been authorized by the bank but have not yet been officially posted to your account. These include electronic transactions such as ATM withdrawals and deposits, funds transfers, and debit or credit card purchases. Having this information available can give you a heads up on activity in your account.

Why do I see two different balances?
UMB online banking displays the available balance, labeling it "balance" on the Your Accounts page. This is the balance as of the end of the previous business day, plus or minus electronic transactions processed on the current business day, such as ATM withdrawals and deposits, funds transfers, and debit card purchases. We also display your “running balance” with your posted transactions. This is called your “ledger balance” and incorporates all of your transactions in real-time.

On your credit card account page, you will see your current balance as of the last processing day and your statement balance.

What has changed in the UMB online banking site?
UMB Visa® cardholders - you’ll be pleased with our most recent enhancements to online banking. Make a payment online toward your credit card bill from any eligible UMB account or a non-UMB account that you setup. And you can choose from a one-time payment or a regular automatic payment, whichever is most convenient for you. Additionally, view your credit card statements online (in PDF) and choose paperless or paper statement delivery – all without leaving your online banking session.


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Online Banking

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