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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I see images of my checks?
Below is a list of possible reasons why you may not be able to view images of your checks for your deposit account.
  • No checks have posted within the last 30 days.
  • If you click the check number and then see a "Check Image Not Available" message, UMB may be performing routine maintenance on its systems at that time, most commonly on weekends. Try again at another time.
  • If you think your checks should have posted, try again the following business day. The imaging process may not have been completed at the time you were looking for your check images.
If you still do not understand why your images are not available, please contact us via Web chat, e-mail, or phone.
Please note that this information doesn’t apply to convenience checks for your credit card account.

Why did my check number show up in online banking as #9999?
Checks are processed by multiple electronic readers and sometimes the ink is blurred or demagnetized enough that the MICR line (the line of black, magnetized text at the bottom of the check that contains information such as the check number, amount, and account number) cannot be accurately read automatically. These checks are rejected by the automatic system and are manually corrected. Very often, a check number of 9999 will be substituted for the actual check number.

Why does it take so long to retrieve my first check image?
Retrieving and displaying any image takes more computer utilization than does plain text. However, in the case of retrieving your check images, the first request for a given account will always take a considerably longer time than subsequent checks. This is because the online banking system must connect to the check image archive. Your subsequent requests during the current session will be fulfilled much quicker.

Why does a posted check say it was returned to the payee because of insufficient funds?
Each day the bank processes the checks presented to us by your payees and we post the checks to your account. The following business day, we have to return any checks that overdraw your account, and we credit that amount back to your checking account. Consequently, you see the item post the first day and then credit the next business day if we return the item because of insufficient funds in your account. We provide you the image so you know the payee on the check.

How can I stop a payment on a check?
You can stop payment on a check through a live UMB Web Chat or you may contact us via phone. Please note that we cannot accept stop payment requests via e-mail.

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