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Discount Brokerage Fee Schedule

Effective April 1, 2014


Transfer & Ship DRS Eligible

$125 per issue for electronic transfer of shares back to transfer agent.


Transfer & Ship Non-DRS Eligible

$250 per issue for physical stock delivery.

Wiring of Funds

There is a $15 charge to initiate a wire from a UMB Financial Services, Inc. account.

IRA Fees

Self-Directed IRA fees are charged by Fidelity Management Trust Company of Boston, Mass.
Current Annual Maintenance: $35
Account Closing Fee: $95


Annual Custodial Fee (also known as Inactive Fee)

UMB Financial Services accounts that have no activity during a calendar year will be subject to a $50 fee. Accounts are reviewed on an annual basis.

There are several ways to prevent this charge, including:

  • Executing at least one trade during a calendar year. The trade must settle on or before the last day of December.
  • Having a mutual fund periodic investment, systematic withdrawal or mutual fund exchange
  • Having equity dividend reinvestment. Your account must have at least one dividend reinvest within the calendar year.

Accounts exempt from $50 annual fee:

  • UMB Asset Management Account
  • IRAs

Stop Payment Fee

There is a $20 charge for each request made to place a stop payment on a UMB Asset Management check.

Copies of Checks

There is a $15 charge for each copy requested.

Check Fee

There is a $40 charge for each check that is 1) insufficient due to a lack of funds in your brokerage account, or 2) returned checks that were deposited to your brokerage account.

Trade Extensions

There is a $30 per trade extension fee if cash or securities to settle a trade are not available in the account by the second day after settlement date of the trade.

Transfer of Assets-Deliveries

There is a $100 charge per account when a request is received to transfer all assets held in a UMB Financial Services account to another brokerage firm.

Legal Fee

There is a $125 per issue charge if the security being deposited has legal papers attached.

Legal Returns

$100 for stocks NIGO that must be returned to customer.

Physical Reorganization

There is a $50 per issue charge for stock received as a physical deposit that must complete reorganization in order to be held in "street name" in a brokerage account.

Research Fee

There is a $35 per hour charge for all in-depth research that is requested by the customer.

Restricted Stock Fee

There is a $500 charge for Restricted Stock that falls under Rule 144, Rule 144K, Rule 145, 701C3, and S3. The $500 fee covers the legal opinion issued by the attorneys and filing fees and legal fees.

Re-registration of Certificate

There is a $75 per issue charge for re-registration of stock that is not being deposited into a UMB Financial Services account.



This schedule of fees is subject to change without notice. The annual custodial fee costs include, but are not limited to, confirms, statements, tax documents and postage.

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