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Deposit Funds to My Account

Remote Check Deposit

You now have the ability to deposit checks into your brokerage account using your mobile device. You must have a smartphone with camera to use this feature, and have the MyStreetscape app downloaded to your phone. Once you are logged in, go to More at the bottom right of your screen, click Money Movement, then click Deposit Check. You will take a picture of your check, front and back, and follow the steps to complete your check deposit.


  • Each check must  have the following physical endorsement language written on the back of the check: "For deposit only to my National Financial Services LLC account" or "For deposit only to my NFS LLC brokerage account."
  • In addition, if a check is made payable to the accountholder, the accountholder must also sign the back of the check.

Please contact us at 800.842.9999 with questions or for more information about this service.

Send a Check for My Non-Retirement Account
Please make the check payable to UMB Financial Services, Inc.

Send a Check for My Retirement Account
Please make the check payable to NFS/FMTC fbo (customer’s name) IRA.

Wire Money
Wire to:
JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY
ABA #0210-0002-1
For the account at: NFS Account #066196-221
FBO: Client Name & Account Number

Investment Products Offered Through UMB Financial Services, Inc.

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Online Banking

Pay your bills online. It saves you time and money.

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Security and Privacy

Protect yourself with these safety tips.