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Account Features


Electronic Investing Acknowledgment

If you have a corporate, LLC, partnership, or trust account with UMB Financial Services, Inc., and would like online access to that account, please download, print, complete and sign the Electronic Investing Acknowledgment form and send it back to UMB Financial Services, Inc. A user ID and temporary password will be established for your online access. You will be notified via email regarding your user ID and instructed to contact us for your temporary password.

For all other account types, you can go online to,, and click Register Now located below New User. Please have your brokerage account number ready and follow the steps to set up your online access.

You may also get to our website clicking the login button at the top of this page. When the login form appears, click the drop down arrow to select Brokerage from the list, then click the link to UMB Financial Services, Inc., when it appears below the Brokerage box. This will bring you to our login page.

Equity Dividend Reinvestment Service Agreement
If you would like to have your stock dividends reinvested, please download, print, complete, and sign the Equity Dividend Reinvestment Service Agreement form and send it back to UMB Financial Services, Inc.

Householding Agreement
Statement householding is a process that will automatically link your brokerage accounts together and send your statements all in one envelope. The consolidated envelope will contain a statement for each account in the Household relationship as well as the Consolidated Summary of Accounts page. If you wish to have your brokerage accounts linked, please complete, sign and return the Householding Agreement to UMB Financial Services, Inc.

Periodic Earnings Withdrawal
The Periodic Earnings Withdrawal Request form  is used to request distributions of dividends, interest and/or capital gains (“earnings”) from your non-retirement brokerage account. Please choose a method of payment for your earnings distribution. The “earnings” from your non-retirement brokerage account can be deposited via EFT into the bank account that you choose. Please complete, sign and return the form to UMB Financial Services, Inc.

Transfer of Assets From Another Financial Institution
You can transfer cash and most securities from another financial institution to UMB Financial Services, Inc. by completing the Transfer of Assets form and including a copy of your most recent statement from the financial institution you are transferring from. When transferring assets from another financial institution, the account registrations should match. If the account registrations do not match, please have all accountholders (delivering firm and receiving firm) sign the form.  Please refer to the Transfer of Assets Instructions page, Section 4,  for further instructions. Your completed form must be signed, signatures guaranteed, and mailed to us before your transfer can be initiated.


Investment Products Offered Through UMB Financial Services, Inc.



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