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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one of the most critical determinants of investment performance, which is why UMB dedicates tremendous resources to ensuring our asset allocation research and analysis is consistent and current.

A Custom Portfolio
An investment portfolio should be designed to meet your individual needs with an appropriate, customized allocation of assets. With UMB, you benefit from comprehensive investment management services, including personalized solutions that can help preserve and protect the performance of assets.

The allocation of assets is a critical factor of investment performance, and each asset class has a different rate of potential return and varying risk. To promote the financial well-being of your current and future assets, risk should be allocated across more than one type of asset.

Your investment manager will work with you to assess your unique risk tolerance by understanding your outlook for the future and your current financial story. Your custom portfolio structure will align with your investment goals, and UMB will provide the research and analysis to enable you to manage investments strategically.

Understanding Asset Classes
Asset classes are traditionally classified in the following categories:

  • Equities
  • Fixed-income
  • Cash and equivalents

Just as asset classes differ, so too should allocation solutions. UMB investment managers have experience in specific asset types and combine both internal and external products to help you select or build a plan that works for you. This hands-on approach doesn't end once your portfolio is created. Instead, UMB develops long-term relationships with clients, and updates allocation strategies regularly so you can benefit from a tailored investment solution.

For more information about our investment management services, contact us at 800.545.6101.

Investment management services are provided by UMB Investment Management Services, a department of UMB Bank, n.a.