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Equity Management

UMB employs a proven, disciplined proprietary process in building equity portfolios.

Our philosophy for equity management is straightforward: we are first and foremost concerned about the fundamental quality of the investment, and as such we endeavor for risk-adjusted returns with below-market volatility.

Investing in equities is a common strategy employed by those looking to build their portfolios in proprietary assets. Owning stock in publicly-held companies can be a strong approach to diversifying investments.

Disciplined Research
To ensure adequate safeguards are taken and each equity selection is well-researched, UMB investment managers monitor, vet, and update a diversified list of quality stocks. We then provide you with a customized stock analysis for your portfolio, and these stocks are reviewed frequently throughout the year.

UMB investment managers have experience with designing equity objectives and creating a balanced portfolio that helps optimize your financial position. In addition to formulating a plan tailored to your individual needs, managers also continually update and review your portfolio to address any issues.

Our team also manages several internal committees, making recommendations to ensure our equity models are appropriately populated and utilized. By appropriately managing risk in the selection of equity investment strategies, UMB promotes only the most disciplined processes. UMB's equity management strategy relies on:

  • Quality investments
  • Competitive, risk-adjusted returns
  • Below-market volatility

A partnership with UMB means you gain the assurance that your equity investments are closely managed and allocated for potentially optimal returns, even under risk-averse conditions. With equity management solutions from UMB, you can expand your portfolio to include sensible, proprietary assets.

For more information about our investment management services, contact us at 800.545.6101.

Investment management services are provided by UMB Investment Management Services, a department of UMB Bank, n.a.