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At UMB Private Wealth Management, our team of trust and estate planning professionals can help you design a complete plan to meet your trust needs. We offer professional management of your assets while helping you create a plan that can potentially avoid probate, minimize taxes for your beneficiaries and allow you to continue to support your favorite charitable organizations. UMB can help you work with an attorney to create a trust and estate plan that supports your wishes and helps you meet your legacy goals. UMB is happy to serve as a corporate trustee should you choose to appoint one. Below are just a few examples of trusts we commonly work with.

Living Trust

Let us manage and safeguard your assets, disperse them to the appropriate beneficiaries according to the trust document, keep compliant records, pay recurring bills from the account and manage all tax documents necessitated by the trust.

Trust Under Will

Here we can collect and distribute assets, provide a source of income for a beneficiary or beneficiaries, and professionally manage the entire trust.

Dynasty Trust

A dynasty trust can help you secure the financial future of generations to come with a trust that is designed to potentially last forever. You can provide for your beneficiaries for years to come while minimizing taxes.

No matter the kind of trust you would like to create, UMB can be your partner every step of the way.

For more information about trust management at UMB, please contact us at 800.545.6101.


Dynasty Trust*

*South Dakota residents only

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