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Green Banking Centers

In 2007, UMB took the first step toward improving our infrastructure’s sustainability by opening our first “green” banking center in Stapleton, Colo. The branch utilizes low-voltage lighting, low-flow water fixtures and drought-tolerant landscaping to decrease its environmental impact.

In June, we broke ground on our first planned LEED-certified banking center in Arnold, Mo. This nationally-recognized designation verifies the facility follows sustainable practices throughout construction and continues once it is fully operational. You can find criteria for the design, construction and operation of a LEED-certified building at‡. We plan to pursue environmentally sustainable facilities in the future as part of our long-term commitment to sustainability.

Associate Spotlight: “Peddling” Green

Image - Environmental - Initiatives
In support of UMB's green and health initiatives, Jon Robinson, President, UMB Denver Consumer Services, issued a challenge to all Denver Banking Center employees to do something "green" during the month of August. Pictured here are Chris Aller, Clint Woodman, Jon Robinson and Leigh Lutz, who rode their bikes approximately 48 miles to and from work. Bike riders not pictured are Alison Clark-Hardesty, Jill Sladek, Pearl Prudhomme, Eric Craine and Ryan Chase. Many other associates took advantage of either Light Rail or RTD to get to work in the month of August. Free bus passes have also been offered to all Denver metro associates.