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Small Business Advisor Resources

UMB offers a number of resources that can assist attorneys in the preparation of wills, trust agreements and other estate planning documents by providing sample will and trust forms. Providing online access to our will and trust forms allows us to offer our forms to a wider range of attorneys and to communicate updates and revisions quicker than ever.

Using Our Forms

These forms are designed to assist you in preparing wills and trust agreements for your clients. You must, of course, assume responsibility for the form’s applicability, validity, and for the resulting tax and non-tax consequences. An important factor to be considered in determining the applicability of a form is the effect of state law on the proposed will or trust agreement. You should also be alert to developments in the law that might have a bearing on the applicability or validity of the forms.

Each form contains explanatory side notes designed to assist you with the drafting. Please be sure to delete the side notes* when drafting your clients’ documents. Please consult the UMB Trust locations to determine which UMB location will best serve each of your clients. The forms have been prepared without a specific reference to any UMB location. Select either UMB Bank, n.a. or UMB Trust Company of South Dakota, depending upon your client’s needs.

Access to Our Forms

To ensure that the forms are only used by attorneys for their clients, please contact us to receive your free password to access the forms.

Serving Our Clients

We appreciate the designation of UMB as corporate fiduciary in your client’s estate planning documents. Whenever you send documents to us in which UMB is designated as a fiduciary, please include in your cover letter the following information, if available:

  • Client’s name, address and telephone number
  • Client’s approximate age or date of birth
  • Approximate dollar value of client’s estate
  • Client’s Social Security number

In lieu of the above information, feel free to send us a copy of the completed first page of the UMB Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire, which is available in our forms area. All information given will be held in the strictest of confidence.

For more information about our Advisor’s Resources, please contact us.

* For Microsoft Word users: For most Forms, the easiest way to remove the side notes is to “right click” with your mouse on the first side note and then choose Delete Cells followed by Delete Entire Column. This should delete the explanatory notes column. Then use your mouse to adjust the width of the remaining column or Convert Table to Text under Table. For a few documents, this process must be repeated on the first couple of pages.