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Accelerating Cash Flow

Let your cash flow keep you flexible.

Flexibility is a key advantage of being a small business. But the key to being flexible is cash flow.
Without it, it’s tougher to move on new business opportunities, take on new projects, make a new hire — let’s just say most things require cash flow.

With UMB’s variety of products and services we can help ensure you always have a steady cash flow situation. Get paid quicker and easier, give your employees more purchasing power in the field and manage your accounts wherever you go. With UMB you’re free and flexible as a small business should be.

Get paid quicker and manage your purchases and payments. If cash is the oxygen of a business, you’re breathing easy.

Elavon Merchant Services

  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Electronic check processing
  • E-commerce processing
  • Wireless payment processing

Business Line of Credit

  • Borrow, repay and re-borrow as needed
  • Make automated payments through Direct Debit
  • Competitive interest rates

Credit Card

  • Earn rewards for travel, merchandise or account credits*
  • Customize your rewards program to fit your needs
  • Place dollar and total spending limits

Mobile & Online Banking

  • Free online access and bill pay make it easy to always be on top of your accounts
  • Integrate online banking with QuickBooks® and Quicken®
  • Transfer funds, view and print checks and more

*See Rewards Program rules for details