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Enhancing Employee Benefits

Financial Wellness - a valuable benefit for your employees.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. As they lend their talents to help build your business, give them the financial tools and security to help build their dreams.

Odds are many of your employees are coping with a financial crisis or are trying to reduce their debt. Many are not confident about their financial future, and more than half don’t have a financial plan for dealing with life’s unexpected challenges.*

The UMB Benefits Banking program provides your employees with a financial wellness program to help them reach their goals, protect their families and fund their dreams—and to help you recruit, retain and reward good people.

STEP 1: Choose one module per quarter 

On site Seminar
1:1 Financial Coaching on site
1:1 + Event on site
Hot Topics UMB banker Combination
Delivered by a UMB expert or guest speaker Can customize length and frequency Typically an event will be followed by 1:1 availability on the same day
Can customize length and frequency Advisory based, not product pushing  
Advisory based, not product pushing Easy for the company to implement, all you need is a private room  
  Appointment based  



STEP 2: Choose your event (not required for module 2)

Talk to your UMB Bank customer relationship manager about the latest topics available.




STEP 3: Tell your employees

We provide you with materials to promote the financial wellness program.




STEP 4: Schedule your next financial wellness module

Quarterly is recommended.

*Source: Research Now, The 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report, January 2012.