Is money “safe” in the UMB HSA?

The money in a UMB HSA Deposit Account is FDIC insured*. Once an individual account holder has $1,000 saved in the HSA they have the opportunity to make additional investments that carry with them various levels of risk and reward similar to investing in a retirement savings plan1.

*Funds held in the HSA Deposit Account are FDIC insured to the maximum amount permitted by law.

1Investments you make through your HSA are not FDIC-insured. UMB Investment Management selects mutual funds in various asset classes for inclusion in the UMB HSA Saver® Investment Program. UMB Investment Management is a department of UMB Bank, n.a. UMB Bank, n.a. is a wholly owned subsidiary of UMB Financial Corporation. UMB Custody Services provides safekeeping and settlement of the mutual fund investments in the UMB HSA Saver investment program. UMB Custody Services is a division of UMB Bank, n.a.
Investments in securities through UMB HSA Saver are:

Not FDIC-Insured May Lose Value No Bank Guarantee