Why UMB Bank Capital Finance

How UMB Bank stands out

For more than a century, we’ve operated with high-touch, responsive service, prudent business practices and a stable balance sheet. Because of this, we have weathered all economic cycles — and will continue to do so no matter what lies ahead. Cash flow is essential and specialty finance options can help provide capital needed for distressed businesses, as well as being valuable for companies that have the opportunity to grow during fluctuating economic conditions.

From this position of financial strength, we have remained active in the alternative financing space, delivering quick, accessible and tailored working capital solutions to businesses across the U.S.

At UMB, we have the right products at the right time, whether it's financing current operations, providing support for growth or meeting increased demand. Our team is here to partner closely throughout a company's full lifecycle.

With the uncertainty and surprises we’ve experienced with the recent economic realities, it’s more important that ever to have a financial partner you can depend on. Our tenured and specialized teams understand the complexities of how you do business and, by getting to know you and your organization, we are better able to develop solutions that meet your needs today and tomorrow, and in all economic environments.

Discover capital confidence with UMB Bank

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    Industry expertise

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    Financial strength and stability

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    Commitment to supporting you through all economic climates

Benefits of a bank

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    A financial partner for the long-term

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    Access to a full suite of financial services beyond alternative financing

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    Competitive pricing

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    Consistent account management

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    Fast and flexible funding process


If you’re searching for a financial partner who can provide alternative solutions, you’ve likely encountered information about how alterative lenders differ from traditional banks. Or, you may have seen a comparison between traditional bank solutions and the flexibility of working capital financing. But why choose between the two if you can have a financial partner who can meet your alternative financing needs, and grow with you into traditional bank offerings? 

UMB Bank is a traditional financial institution and it offers nimble financing opportunities through its UMB Capital Finance division.

Our approach is truly to serve the right financing solution at the right time — today, tomorrow and beyond. Because of our bank structure, we can offer more competitive pricing than non-bank sources. And for some businesses, our bank standing also helps meet today’s financial demands with the opportunity to transition into a traditional lending solution later without requiring multiple lenders or shuffled account management. 

An added benefit for our clients is access to a robust suite of business lending, banking, investment and treasury options. These services are always in the wings ready for you as your financial needs evolve over time. This scope of service allows us to partner with you for the long-term — delivering what you need now, and supporting your business as you grow, change and adapt to market shifts.


Asset based lending

Mezzanine debt

Minority equity investments

Complete banking and treasury solutions


If you are looking for a fast, nimble financing solution that leverages working capital, connect with us for a consultation. We’ve seen many businesses harness the power of asset based lending in the recent economic environment. Connect today to see what we can do for your business.

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