Commercial Credit Card

A commercial card program that offers your business more

More flexibility. More control. More protection.

A powerful suite of card products with tools to manage the day-to-day needs of businesses and public entities of all sizes.


Robust online management system

Available 24/7, utilize a UMB commercial card to support your business online and make more informed business decisions. Account management, reporting and expense management are just a few of the key features of your commercial card program.


In-depth reporting

Your reporting needs are as unique as your company. That’s why our commercial card programs help you focus on reporting, data and account controls to improve efficiency and manage business expenses.


Exceptional service

Whether you know the solution you need or prefer a business consultation, we’re with you every step of the way, with cardholder support, Program Administrator servicing, and a dedicated Account Executive to help drive your program’s success.


Find the commercial credit card that works for your business

UMB Visa Commercial Credit Card

A powerful card solution to manage the needs of businesses with more than $2 million in revenue, with flexible billing, customized reports and effective controls.

UMB Visa Purchasing Credit Card

Take advantage of this Purchasing Card program that can simplify your purchasing, boost productivity and empower your employees focus on more profitable tasks.

fraud prevention guide

UMB Virtual Card Solution

UMB’s Visa Payables Automation (VPA) is an electronic B2B payables service that offers a simple, secure way to pay your suppliers. By employing this additional payment option within your existing accounts payable (AP) process, you can benefit by offering more secure transactions, reducing time and processing costs associated with paper checks, optimizing working capital, and creating a revenue stream (rebate) from the transactions that are processed through VPA virtual cards.

Connect with a commercial banker today

Our team of commercial banking specialists can help you determine which UMB commercial card program is right for your business.

All commercial credit cards include:

Fund float

Keep your cash on hand longer with most programs providing a 30-day billing cycle and a 25-day grace period to pay.

Reporting capabilities

With hundreds of data points at your fingertips, create customizable or standard reports that best meet your business needs. You have the flexibility to schedule reports to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Efficiency gains

Save on the cost per transaction and improve cash-flow efficiency.


Gain the potential to earn rebates on existing purchases with your commercial card program.

Fraud reduction

Pay safely and securely with your UMB commercial cards.

Card protection with Visa

Rely on liability protection up to $100,000 per card on unauthorized purchases (VPA not included).

Corporate cards account features

Real-time controls
Robust online account management, reconciliation and reporting
Ability to integrate with many enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems
Emergency cash and card replacement
Travel assistance services, auto rental insurance and more
Potential to earn rebates
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