Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management solutions for your business

Managing a business means your eye is always on the next move, the next opportunity, the next market shift. We can help you strategically manage your everyday cash flow through deposit and treasury solutions, so you can stay focused on the future.


Strategic insight

We review your unique business needs and help you optimize your cash flow while strategically planning for the short- and long-term.


Comprehensive solutions

We are a full-service bank with comprehensive products and services that allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your liquidity.


Responsive service

At UMB, your business is not just a number. We get to know you, your goals and your values so we can be a partner throughout your business lifecycle.


Your capital management partner

Set your cash flow strategy with UMB’s business and commercial banking team.

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UMB TL business checking accounts

Commercial checking accounts

We know your business needs are unique, which is why we offer a variety of commercial checking account options that range from everyday operating accounts to interest-bearing and investment opportunities for your cash balances.

UMB TL savings solutions for businesses

Commercial savings solutions for businesses

If your business has additional funds and would like to earn interest while maintaining access to those funds, consider our commercial savings account options.

UMB TL treasury services

Treasury services

No matter the size of your operations, we roll up our sleeves to help you with the everyday details of your business, so you can plan, move and protect your cash flow on your terms. We deliver a suite of treasury solutions from receivables and payables management, to fraud mitigation tools and payroll services.

UMB TL commercial credit card

Commercial credit card

We have commercial credit card programs that can help you manage purchases, improve cash flow and streamline reporting. With enhanced administrative controls, online dashboards and transparent account agreements, you will have the tools you need to control and monitor spending.

UMB TL merchant payment services

Merchant payment services

Your customers can be anywhere, and they expect you to accept their payments easily and securely. UMB’s merchant services can provide you with efficient and simple payment solutions for all of your business needs. With our support, you can access technology, terminals and services that allow you to attract customers, keep customers, process payments and streamline your business operations.

One-on-one business consultations
Comprehensive online account management
Deposit management solutions
Capital management strategies
Transparent fees and charges
Responsive customer service

Manage your business finances online

We have the tools and systems you need to effectively and efficiently manage your business finances—from anywhere, any time.

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UMB cash flow stressed economy

Managing business cash flow challenges in a stressed economy

Business owners must constantly adapt, shift and reprioritize based on demand, supply, market conditions and what may be on the horizon. As a first step, you may benefit from analyzing business cash flow and income generating polices.

UMB TL optimize short term business liquidity

Optimize short term business liquidity

As technology becomes more prevalent, an increasing variety of attacks are appearing. Whether it’s a phone call from someone posing as a grandchild asking for money or an email scam from someone in another country offering investment opportunities, fraudulent financial scams are causing elderly Americans to lose money every year.