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The $coop Videos

The Scoop is a series which simplifies complex financial questions about wealth. Each episode features a comedian and a UMB Private Wealth associate unpacking a financial topic in a humorous and relatable manner. If you’ve had difficult questions about wealth and are looking for compelling answers – the Scoop’s for you.

Episode 1: A Clear Financial Plan: UMB Private Wealth Management President Nikki Newton discusses investing, wealth management and how to reach your financial goals.

Episode 2: Women and Wealth-Take Charge of Your Financial Future: Watch a conversation with UMB's Christine Graham below, which touches on how women can take control of their finances and find an advisor that’s right for them.

With UMB you get an experienced wealth management team that's right for you.


Women and Wealth

Earn, grow and plan for the life you want
Gender differences in pay, career and lifespan matter for your financial future. Take control of your financial future with services built for your unique needs whether your building wealth, growing your career, getting financially savvy or planning for the next horizon.

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Risk Management

Our experienced insurance professionals are dedicated to finding the right personal or business insurance solutions for you.

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  • Economic Market Overview 2024 Q2 v3 cover

    Economic update April 2024: The economy keeps charging along

    What we saw in the first quarter of 2024 During the first 90 days of 2024, we learned the economy was even stronger than previously thought –with upward revisions of the already strong GDP growth rate from fourth quarter 2023...

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  • Crosscurrents ahead 2024 economic

    2024 economic outlook: Crosscurrents ahead

    Timestamps: 0:00: Introduction from Nikki Newton, president of UMB Private Wealth 2:20: Economic outlook factors 3:45: Considering a soft landing 6:46: Economic growth and outlook 9:50: Inflation and the Fed 12:00: Job market 14:38: Household finances 19:07: The housing market...

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  • Economic Market analysis

    Economic and market analysis: Living with data dependency

    To save or forward a copy of this post, download it here . October economic review Current data looks quite good for the U.S. economy. Throughout the third quarter of 2023, the economy continued to show incredible resilience, despite the...

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  • waiting hardest part 1

    Q3 2023 economic market analysis

    The Federal Reserve continues to show strong resolve in fighting what is proving to be a stubborn inflation problem. They’ve been executing one of the most aggressive tightening campaigns in history, and continue to telegraph that more moves are coming...

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  • Waiting hardest part

    First half of 2023 economic review (webinar)

    As Tom Petty said in his hit song, The Waiting, “the waiting is the hardest part.” That’s very descriptive of our current environment. Markets and investors are waiting for the end of the Fed interest rate hiking cycle, we’re waiting...

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