Data Security with UMB

Be safe. Be secure. Be informed.

Your privacy and security are important to us. We are committed to data security and want to ensure our customers are prepared with tools and resources to protect their banking experience.

Information Security with UMB

Your privacy and security are information to us.

We are committed to information security and want to ensure our customers are prepared with tools and resources to protect their banking experience.

Security infrastructure

We use layers of physical and cyber security techniques to help safeguard your data around the clock.

Continuous improvement

We don’t believe that security is a one-time commitment. We’re continuously monitoring and assessing our security procedures to make sure our safety measures evolve as technology does.

Education and tools

We are your partner in staying informed on how to avoid becoming a victim of a cybercriminal, and we want to equip you with knowledge and resources to help prevent identify theft.

How UMB helps protect its customers

Secure online banking sessions

Our online banking platform is built using a secure URL certificate using http Secure (https) which can be identified where the closed padlock icon is displayed in the URL address bar. This additional browser protection provides a secure connection to UMB and helps prevent intrusions into your online banking session.

Text and email alerts

Online banking customers can set up account alerts that notify them when balances hit a preset amount, transactions are processed or when checks clear. This real-time data provides better account management, improved monitoring options, and early fraud detection for unauthorized purchases.

Session "Timeout"

To prevent unauthorized access to your information if your computer is left unattended, online banking customers are automatically logged out of their online banking account after being inactive for a preset period of time.

Digital banking security

UMB uses two-factor authentication to provide an added layer of protection when you bank online or through our mobile application. Two-factor authentication allows you to access UMB online and mobile banking by validating your identity each time you log in.

Spot phishing with these tips

It’s important to know how to quickly identify a phishing attempt because cybercriminals can take advantage of our trust and our desire to be helpful by asking for your personal data through online messages, texts and phone calls

Top tips: How to protect yourself online

The internet is part of nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s working online, online shopping, using apps on a mobile device, email, social media or reading the news, the internet and your information are accessed daily.

Identity theft

If you are a customer of UMB and believe you are a victim of identity theft, follow these steps and a UMB representative will assist you.

  • Call 800.860.4862 or visit the nearest branch
  • File a police report
  • Call the fraud unit of the three credit reporting companies: Equifax , Experian , TransUnion 

UMB’s contact policy

UMB will never email you or call you to request or confirm confidential data like account numbers, Social Security number or login data. If you receive a suspicious email related to your UMB account, forward the email to

Important Information

If you recently noticed unusual or suspicious activity on your account, you should immediately report each fraudulent transaction. We will work with you right away to review your accounts and identify suspicious activity. Federal Law, under Regulation E provides protection for customers when there is unauthorized activity on accounts primarily used for personal, family or household purposes. It’s important to note that if UMB is not notified of the suspicious activity within 30 days of your statement being available to you online or mailed, refunds for funds lost may not be available.

We value your trust, protect your privacy and help safeguard your data.

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