Business Savings Accounts and CDs

Savings solutions that help your business maximize excess cash balances

If your business has additional funds and would like to earn interest while maintaining access to those funds, consider our business savings account options.

Key Features


Online management

We provide the tools and systems you need to manage your business finances remotely.


Responsive service

Your UMB team is available to answer questions, provide insight and help you select the right financial tools.


Strategic advisors

We work to ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

  • strategies grow business

    Adjusting to expensive money: Strategies for business growth in today’s economic environment

    Money and access to funds are currently more expensive than they have been during the past 10-15 years—and that is not likely to change anytime soon. While we have been enjoying historically low rates for longer than many can remember...

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  • preventing fraud

    Managing business continuity while preventing fraud

    The COVID-19 global pandemic altered the way many businesses approached continuity and disaster preparation. Many companies had to shut down or limit access to offices, encourage or mandate work from home, and cancel events and gatherings. Balancing the necessity of...

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  • T+1 settlement

    Preparing for T+1 settlement transition: Take action now

    Recently UMB Institutional Custody collaborated with the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) to create educational content to help investment managers understand and prepare for the transition to T+1 settlement. Following is some background and highlights to consider as you...

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  • employers health benefits workforce

    Top tips to help employers explain health benefits to their workforce

    Tip 1: Share the expanded health savings account (HSA) benefits The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act from 2020 expanded eligible items you can use your health savings account dollars for to include telehealth and over-the-counter drugs and...

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  • Business blind spots

    Stay ready for anything: Business blind spots to avoid for long-term success

    There’s no question businesses have been feeling the pinch of economic pressures during the past year, and while navigating them continues to be a challenge, some of these issues stem from seeds planted during a strong economy. When all economic...

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Frequently asked questions

    No matter the size of your operations, we roll up our sleeves to help you with the everyday details of your business, so you can plan, move and protect your cash flow on your terms. Learn more.

    We know your business needs are unique, which is why we offer a variety of business checking account options that range from everyday operating accounts to interest-bearing. Learn more.

    A money market account is a unique account that allows you to save funds at a competitive interest rate with multiple ways to access your funds. Discover if this account is the right savings vehicle for you. 

    Money market features 

    • Most money market accounts include the following features and benefits: 
    • Interest paid on tiered balances – Earn interest based on the amount in your account. 
    • Debit card access and check writing – Easily use your funds like you do your checking account for purchases. Check with your financial institution for any withdrawal limitations.
    • Unlimited deposits – you can add funds to your account whenever you like, and there is no limit on the amount. 

      A money market account can be a great tool to help you achieve your savings goals. Read more about UMB's Money Market account and apply online now.

    UMB Bank's time deposit or certificate of deposit (CDs) is a savings account that locks your money down for a certain time period. This means you can’t access the funds for a certain amount of months, or you will have to pay a penalty fee. Interest rates tend to be slightly higher on time deposits and can be a great tool if you know you won’t need those funds for several months. 

    A time deposit or certificate of deposit (CDs) from UMB Bank can be a great tool to help you achieve your savings goals. Read more about UMB's time deposit accounts and apply today at a branch.

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