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As businesses change and grow, so does the risk to fraud

Businesses today are being targeted by sophisticated fraudsters often resulting in financial loss. Gain knowledge, and better understand ways to improve fraud detection and prevention, with the following resources.

  • Small business fraud

    Preventing small business fraud: Essential tips and tools

    Fraud is on the rise, and the tactics are not only changing every day, but are more difficult to spot and even harder to prevent. According to a March 2024 report from ‡ The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses...

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  • banker business fraud

    Know your banker, protect yourself from fraud

    As remote work has taken hold, conducting business electronically has become the norm—and scammers have taken notice. Fraud in business banking has become even more sophisticated, making it extremely difficult to spot. It’s no longer as simple as looking for...

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  • preventing fraud

    Managing business continuity while preventing fraud

    The COVID-19 global pandemic altered the way many businesses approached continuity and disaster preparation. Many companies had to shut down or limit access to offices, encourage or mandate work from home, and cancel events and gatherings. Balancing the necessity of...

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  • Protect company financial fraud

    Steps to protect your company from financial fraud

    According to the Association for Financial Professionals’ (AFP) 2023 survey‡, 65% of treasury and finance professionals reported payments fraud attacks and attempts in 2022. Companies continue to look for strategies for preventing fraud, which is leading businesses to make every...

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  • Five reasons business banker

    Five reasons to connect with your business banker (and how to prepare)

    Key takeaways Business bankers help their clients manage finances, set and achieve goals, and plan for their businesses’ futures. Certain situations can call for a business banker’s expertise, such as general financial health checkups, business expansion planning, fraud prevention, market...

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