Debit and Credit Card Security

Helpful tips to keep your card safe

For many of UMB’s customers, Credit and Debit cards are an essential part of daily life and quite often are the primary payment option of choice, whether you are at the grocery store, shopping online, going out with friends, or for thousands of other possibilities. Credit and Debit cards allow for a painless payment option, however, with that convenience and data access, they can also be lost, or even the target of a fraudster trying to steal your information.

Lost or stolen cards

If your card is ever lost or stolen, report it immediately through UMB’s Customer Service Lines:

Credit Cards: +1(800) 821-5184
Debit Cards: +1(800) 842-8950
HSA: All HSA inquiries should call toll-free at (866) 520-4HSA. From within the Kansas City area, call (816) 860-5771.

Security tips

To help ease any stress about your card’s security, check out the tips below to understand what can be done to help keep your cards safe and how to be prepared if you believe your card’s security is at risk:

Your card

  • Be sure to sign the signature panel of your card as soon as you receive it
  • When your card has expired and you have received your new card, be sure to destroy your old card.
  • Keep a list of all credit and debit cards in case your purse or wallet is lost or stolen.

PIN do's and don’ts

  • Make sure you memorize your card’s PIN and don’t share it with anyone.
  • Credit, debit, and HSA PINs should not be required by any online merchants when making a purchase. UMB will never ask for your PIN so if the site asks for your PIN, it is more than likely an attempt to compromise your information.


  • Take time to regularly monitor your credit, debit and ATM transactions for any suspicious activity and report any unauthorized activity immediately.
  • Order a copy of your credit report annually. Make sure it's accurate and includes only those activities you've authorized. Request your free annual credit report today!leaving website icon 

Contactless payments

  • If you use contactless payments through your phone, NFC is off when you are not using the card
  • If you make contactless payments with your cards using ApplePay, SamsungPay, or any other utility, always set up those apps to require a password prior to allowing a transaction, whether that is using your fingerprint, your phone’s passcode, a password, or even multi-factor authentication which uses more than one check.
    Note: If you suspect a payment system isn’t safe, don’t use the system at all, even if you are using contactless pay, and contact the correct party.

Online and in-store purchases

  • If you’re shopping online, be sure the website you’re visiting is secure before you enter your card number. You can verify the site is secure by looking at the website url — secured websites start with "https" instead of "http". The "s" at the end of http stands for secure.
  • If you save your card information to an online account such as an online shopping site or bill pay site, use multi-factor authentication if it is an available option.
  • When using your card at a merchant, be sure you get your card back and receive a copy of the receipt.