UMB Direct Soft Token Access

UMB now offers soft token authentication for UMB Direct. To use a soft token instead of your key fob, here’s some information to help you get started.

How to add your soft token

  1. Log in to UMB Direct
  2. Navigate to the Manage Token link
  3. Select the Request New Authenticator button
  4. Choose your operating system 
  5. Scan the QR Code with the RSA Authenticator app

UMB Direct Security Token User Guide

Download our step-by-step user guide to learn how to easily install your UMB Direct Soft Token.

Frequently asked questions

    UMB Direct will support use of the RSA Authenticator application for iOS and Android smart phones. This application is installed by each user on their own device and integrates with UMB security to display a new, eight-digit token value every 60 seconds.

    Yes, you can keep your key fob while you try the soft token. You can use the authentication method you prefer until the expiration date on the back of the key fob.

    You can continue to use your current key fob token until the expiration date stamped on the back. Prior to the expiration, we’ll send you a reminder to request a new token on the self-service portal.

    Yes and no. The soft token has a ten-year lifespan; it would only expire if you use the same phone for a decade.  
    As you upgrade your phone, you will need to re-install your soft token. This is true for any soft tokens you may use, not just for UMB.

    For administrators: updates in User Management

    If you’re a UMB Direct administrator, you’ll see small changes in User Management. You’ll no longer need to provide a shipping address when you update a user to require a token. Instead, the user who needs the token should use our self-service portal to either install a soft token or provide a delivery address for a key fob.

    If you have additional questions, please contact your banker or our UMB Direct Support team at