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Welcome to UMB!

We don't believe in hiring through intimidating interviews. The purpose of our interview process is to get to know you--your goals, what motivates you, your experience, how you handle situations--to find the best for you and for us. UMB is not a typical financial company. We understand our associates are our most valuable assets, not our bank accounts.

We want you to be successful. Before your interview, take advantage of the resources provided to learn more about our values, the why behind our business, interview tips, information on Kansas City, and what our people have to say about working here.


About UMB

Learn more about our company, our values and our history.


Community involvement

Associates are proud to show “UMB Heart” in our communities.


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We are a diverse business with stories, insights and perspectives from across the country.

Enjoy your time in Kansas City

From sports and arts to culture and entrepreneurship, there is truly something for everyone in our hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. We are proud to have called Kansas City home for more than 100 years.

Let us show you around! Below are some tips for transportation, eateries and entertainment we recommend for your visit. If you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask us for suggestions.

Meet our people

There's more to a workplace than you can read in a brochure. Don't just take it from us; hear directly from our associates. Here, UMBers will give you the inside scoop on why they choose to grow their careers here and what you can expect day-to-day at UMB.

Our culture

Associates share what it's like to work at UMB, including the type of coworkers you can expect and what our leaders value.

Career growth

An inspiring story from one of our own about progressing through multiple careers at UMB.

Diversity and inclusion

Hear how associates are having important conversations about embracing differences and celebrating what we have in common.

    Do your research

    Get to know us! Accepting a job is like making a purchase decision. You'd never buy a car without proper research; follow the same process when making a career change. Review UMB's values and learn what drives our business. Look through our blog to get an idea of our long- and short-term goals, issues we care about and what makes us proud of our associates. Show off your background knowledge during your interview.

    Dress appropriately

    Our dress codes vary by line of business and department. It's better to err on the side of professionalism. You can't go wrong with a suit/business attire for your interview, even if the everyday environment is more casual.

    Anticipate questions

    Think about past experiences where you've been particularly successful. Tell us about experiences that taught you lessons you still use today. Be prepared to provide examples of how you work individually and in teams. No one at UMB is trying to throw you for a loop! We want to ask you questions that help you put your best foot forward.

    Know your audience

    Ask your recruiter to provide you with the names of the people you'll be meeting with on the interview day. Browse UMB's LinkedIn for company news related to our business or the line of business in which you're interviewing. You'll impress your interviewer by sharing your knowledge.

    Understand our culture

    Overwhelmingly, our associates claim "the people" are the best part of working at UMB, which includes coworkers, leadership and customers. We're proud of this. We seek to maintain an environment where all our associates feel valued and heard, knowing they've found a second home at UMB. With that in mind, we share aspects of our culture frequently on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

    Ask about the interview format

    There are a variety of interview formats for employers to utilize. Some choose to focus on analyzing past behaviors, thought processes, competencies, technical knowledge, etc. UMB implements a combination of these techniques in the interview process to give candidates every opportunity to share their qualifications. Your recruiter can let you in on what to expect in the interview, just ask!

    Be on time

    Being "on time" usually means being about 10 minutes early. You don't want to be so early that you take your interviewer off-guard, but don't be late!

    Know your route

    This site can help! Make sure you're clear on exactly where to park, how to get in the building and where to go once you arrive. This will not only help you avoid being late, but will help keep your nerves at ease.

    Go beyond the job

    The purpose of the onsite interview is to help us get to know you. If we were only interested in your job experience, we would simply review your resume. We want to know why you're interested in the role, what led you here and what motivates you. Just as we want to give you a true preview of what to expect at UMB, we hope to gain the same insight from you.

    Follow up

    In the days following your interview, be sure to reach out to the people you met with to thank them for meeting with you. This would be a good opportunity to mention specific topics you enjoyed discussing, along with any tidbits you learned that reiterated your interest in UMB. If you don't have each person's contact information, ask your recruiter to forward your note.

    What is the interview process?

    The interview process can be slightly different for each role, but we believe it is important for you to know what you can expect from us throughout this process. The "waiting game" during the interview process can be stressful, and we would like to help alleviate that by giving you an inside look at our process.

    After your onsite interview, your hiring manager will complete any other scheduled interviews. This part of the process can be the most time-consuming, as it can be difficult to get schedules to align. Once all interviews are completed, the hiring manager may take up to two weeks to make a hiring decision and work with the recruiter to put together a job offer. With that in mind, we know this waiting period can feel like an eternity! Please reach out to your recruiter at any time. They can tell you if your hiring manager has more interviews to complete and/or if they expect a decision soon.

    What should I wear?

    Our dress code varies by location and line of business. However, a general rule of thumb is to dress in business professional attire. Feel free to check with your recruiter if you're unsure of what is appropriate for where you will be interviewing.

    What if I get stuck in traffic? Who should I call?

    Things happen! Don't sweat it. Call our main Talent Acquisition line at 816.860.7972 to let us know your name, who you're interviewing with and your interview time. We will figure it out from there.

    Who will I be meeting with on the interview day?

    Depending on the role for which you are interviewing, you'll likely meet with a few different people. Ask your recruiter for the names of your interviewers. Then, we recommend looking up each person on LinkedIn to learn about his/her background and time with UMB.

    If I have more than one interview, how do I get from location to location?

    In some cases, your recruiter or hiring manager will escort you between locations. Otherwise, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get from place to place. Our goal is for you to never feel lost or unsure of where you need to be. If you do feel this way at any point, please don't hesitate to call us at 816.860.7972 and someone on our team will get you where you need to go.

    What if there is extra time between my interviews? Are there food and beverage options?

    There are a number of options available to you should you have a break between interviews. In the 1010 Grand Blvd building and in the Technology Center, there is an onsite deli available from 7 a.m.-2 p.m., which has snacks, beverages, sandwiches and more. The 1010 Grand Blvd building also has a Roasterie café which is open until 5 p.m. There are tables and chairs in these areas where you can relax. If you'd like to get some fresh air, check out restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

    How quickly will a hiring decision be made?

    We understand the nerves that accompany waiting to hear the result of a hiring decision. We make it a top priority to communicate with candidates every step of the way. After your interview, your recruiter should be able to provide you with an estimated timeline for when to expect a decision. If you feel you haven't received timely communication, please don't hesitate to reach out for an update.

    Where do I park?

    Our main downtown Kansas City office includes three separate buildings. Your recruiter will confirm in which building you will interview.

    If you are coming to 928 Grand Blvd, follow these instructions:

    Please park in the UMB garage at 928 Grand Blvd, labeled "928 Parking" on the signage. After you enter the garage from Grand Blvd, the valet will park your car and give you a ticket. Bring your parking ticket with you as you check-in for your interview; our team will validate it for you, so you will not need to pay.

    Once you drop off your car, enter the door to the attached office building. Head up the stairs to a door that will lead you to the building lobby. You'll need to ring the intercom for the security officer to buzz you into the building. When you are granted access, continue down the hallway and you'll come to a lobby area with a security guard. Check in with the guard with your ID, and they will grant you access to the Talent Acquisition office, directly to the left of the guard desk.

    If you are coming to 1010 Grand Blvd, follow these instructions:

    Parking for 1010 Grand Blvd is accessed via Walnut Street. To park, enter the parking garage on the east side of Walnut Street, between 10th and 11th Streets. As you enter the ramp, you will see two ticket machines. Press the button on one of the machines to release a ticket. Take the ticket with you and park in one of the visitor parking spots to your right. Use the elevators labeled "Grand" to take the elevators to the second floor. When exiting the elevator, turn right and you will see a security guard desk. Check in with the guard with your ID, and they will validate your ticket and call your interviewer to announce your arrival.

    If you are coming to our Technology Center at 1008 Oak Street, follow these instructions:

    The garage for this location is connected to the building. Enter the garage from McGee Street, just north of 11th and McGee. When you enter the garage, you will see a ticket machine. Press the button to release a ticket. Take the ticket with you and park on the fourth floor of the garage, which is visitor parking. Go to the door labeled "Visitor Entrance" and press the call button for a security guard to let you in. Upon entering the building, you will see a security guard desk where you will check in with your ID. The guard will validate your parking ticket and call your interviewer to announce your arrival.