Asset Liability Management and Performance Consulting

Your strategic institutional consulting partner

UMB Bank, n.a. Capital Markets Division can provide access* to a comprehensive suite of institutional solutions, from market data and robust technology platforms, while helping identify and mitigate risk, and maximize profitability.


Extensive experience

Our team has experience in every aspect of asset/liability and performance consulting. The depth and breadth of our experience provides your institution with critical insights and solutions across market cycles.


Commitment to the market

For over 90 years, our clients have relied on us to be a trusted partner. We get to know your organization, so we can partner with you every step of the way.


Flexible solutions

Your balance sheet management and consulting service needs aren’t one-size-fits all. That's why we build customized solutions for your business. Our flexible approach means your financial firm gets the services needed to help maximize profitability.


Contact our team to set up time for a closer look at our capabilities and expanded offering.

Risk Reporting and Regulatory Consulting

  • Interest Rate Risk Management (IRR)
    Earnings at risk and economic value of equity reporting structured around your chart of accounts that captures your unique IRR profile.
  • Compliance & Risk Management Support
    Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) calculations, Regulation F, and IRR & CECL model validation.
  • Planning & Management
    Community Bank Leverage Ratio (CBLR), BASEL calculations and dividend modeling.
  • Contingency Funding & Liquidity Risk
    Liquidity stress testing and contingency funding scenario analyses.

Investment Portfolio and Profitability Management

  • Fixed Income Investment Portfolio Management
    Advisory bond sales and trading, accounting, custody and safekeeping services.
  • Liquidity Management
    Brokered CDs, wholesale funding utilization, excess fund investment and borrowing capacity.
  • Annual Budgeting & Monthly Forecasting
    Enterprise, branch and bank holding company reporting.
UMB TL commercial credit card

Agent Bank credit card program

We work with your bank to manage a credit card program that helps attract both new and current customers to enhance your bank’s brand loyalty – while seamlessly integrating into your day-to-day operations.

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Our personal service, paired with our strong underwriting capabilities, market insight and consistent capital backing uniquely positions the Capital Markets Division to serve institutions across the U.S.

Questions about asset liability and performance consulting? UMB has answers.

    Financial institutions use the practice of asset-liability management (ALM) to mitigate a company’s potential risk of unbalanced assets and liabilities. A comprehensive ALM strategy involves a combination of risk management and financial planning tools. A successful ALM strategy sets a company up for long-term stability, with a surplus that may help increase investment returns and profitability.

    “Fixed income” is a broad descriptor for assets and securities that accrue or pay investors periodic interest or dividend payments until their maturity date. Government bonds and corporate bonds are the most common types of fixed income products.

    UMB Bank, n.a., Capital Markets Division can provide access to a comprehensive suite of institutional fixed income sales and trading solutions. For more information, contact the UMB Bank Capital Markets Division team.

    Reverse repurchase agreements, often known as “reverse repos,” can serve as an alternative to a traditional line of credit. Various types of marketable, liquid securities are considered eligible for a reverse repo program. Less liquid, more esoteric securities may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Depending on a client’s individual needs, a reverse repo can be an attractive alternative to an investment manager.

    To learn more about this alternative to a traditional line of credit, read the UMB Bank blog “Strengthening liquidity with committed reverse repurchase lending facility.

    Balance sheet management is an ongoing process of analyzing a financial institution’s balance sheet to understand risk and provide guidance.

    Financial experts who offer balance sheet management often use a combination of macroeconomic theory and proprietary financial modeling to determine a bank’s unique risk profile. This helps the bank better navigate regulatory changes, evaluate expansion opportunities and interpret asset/liability reporting.

    As a full-service partner to our institutional customers, UMB Bank offers balance sheet management that may enhance your competitiveness and understand your risk profile. Contact the UMB Bank Capital Markets Division team for more information.

    View Reg F statements and the quarterly compliance report

    *Additional corporate fixed income trading services are offered through UMB Financial Services, Inc.

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