Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Services

Technology, scale and expertise delivered with unwavering client service for your exchange-traded funds

Deliver your ETF to market with support from an experienced team who offers a consultative approach from concept to launch—and beyond.


High-touch client service

While today’s market activity continues to present challenges for asset managers, we have doubled down on our focus on you.


Experienced partners

Access a powerful partnership of firms and experienced ETF service providers to serve your existing or newly launched ETF—whether through your own trust or as part of a multiple series trust.


Cost-effective solutions

Experience flexible ETF servicing solutions and seamless support designed for your unique needs at competitive pricing.

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ETF Services From UMB

Whether you leverage an existing trust or utilize our multiple series trust offering, UMB offers a comprehensive service set and industry knowledge to guide you. Our network of preferred partners offers clients marketing support and ETF ecosystem introductions to help accelerate your progress.

Fund administration
Fund accounting*
Legal administration
Transfer agency*

Distribution and asset raising solutions for ETFs

We offer strategic capital raising support to help you execute your fund plan and deliver for your investors. Whether you are a start-up or established asset manager, UMB Fund Services offers a full range of asset raising services to help you achieve your goals as you grow.

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ETF multiple series trust platform

Our multiple series trust platform provides a cost-effective means of operating an ETF, and we provide fund administration, tax, and distribution services to support your ETFs. 

Whether you have an existing fund or are planning to start one, our ETF servicing experts will help you capitalize on the benefits of participating in a series trust.

  • Focus on managing your money, growing assets and maintaining your brand, while the trust’s administrators coordinate service providers, handle board and CCO communication, and serve as trust secretary 
  • Access cost-effective means to manage funds with lower overhead due to sharing a board of trustees, chief compliance officer (CCO), independent public accountant and fund counsel, etc., at pre-negotiated rates 
  • Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of having your board of trustees, fund auditors, legal counsel and other service providers already in place 
  • UMB provides ETF fund administration, tax, and distribution services and leads a team of experienced ETF service providers providing seamless support to your exchange-traded product.

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*Services provided through preferred partners.

**Services provided by UMB Distribution Services, LLC.