Closed-End Interval Fund and Tender-Offer Fund Services

Industry leading expertise and experience in closed-end fund structures

With a closed-end interval fund or tender-offer fund, investment advisors can offer a retail vehicle with limited liquidity.


Niche experience, service and support

We’ve been servicing interval funds and their complexities for more than 20 years. You will benefit from our team’s technical experience, our state-of-the-art systems and our commitment to outstanding client service.


Completely integrated back-office support

We handle the behind-the-scenes functions servicing to support your closed-end fund, from fund accounting and administration, to transfer agency and tax reporting, so you can focus on growing assets.


Innovative platform solution

For managers seeking a streamlined experience, we deliver a turnkey solution to support the launch and servicing of your registered closed-end interval fund or tender-offer fund.


Access specialized support for closed-end interval funds and tender-offer funds with UMB. Connect with our closed-end interval fund experts today.

Unlisted Closed-End Funds: Growth and Opportunities for New Entrants

Strong demand for alternative strategies in semi-liquid vehicles continues to drive growth in the unlisted closed-end fund space.

After underwhelming performance in 2022 along with overall industry trends, investors with longer-term outlooks kept faith in these vehicles— interval and tender-offer funds—that, by construct, limit liquidity.

Access a copy of our 2024 report on interval and tender-offer funds below.

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Whether you leverage your existing board or utilize our turnkey offering, UMB offers a comprehensive service set for closed- end interval funds and tender-offer funds, plus deep knowledge to guide you and support your closed-end interval or tender-offer fund.

Fund accounting and administration
Investor tax and fund tax
Transfer agency and investor servicing

Innovative platform solution for managing closed-end interval funds and tender-offer funds

Closed-end funds are unique investment vehicles. They can be complex to administer and manage. To deliver the specialized expertise you need, we offer a closed-end fund servicing platform: Registered Fund Solutions.

Registered Fund Solutions provides the full spectrum of professional services to launch and service a closed-end fund such as an interval fund or tender-offer fund.

Platform benefits

  • UMB’s closed-end fund servicing platform eliminates the difficulty of selecting service providers – independent board of directors, fund auditors, legal counsel and other providers are already in place
  • Lowers overhead due to sharing service providers; lower insurance premiums through shared policy
  • Provides assistance in establishing and overseeing board of directors, facilitating meetings and managing service providers.

UMB Fund Services and its affiliates provide overall sponsorship, coordination and program management, fund accounting, administration, transfer agent, fund registration, Blue Sky, tax reporting, distribution and custody services*. Participating professional partners provide fund registration and legal counsel, CCO and compliance consulting services and audit services.


Best Interval Fund Administrator

2019-2023 Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards

Customer testimonial

Quote from --Chief Operating Officer, Boutique Wealth Management Firm

We chose UMB Fund Services based on their breadth of offerings, their knowledgeable teams and their competitive pricing. They have exceeded our expectations each step of the way – providing guidance, answering questions, and ensuring a successful launch of what is now $1bn+ fund. We are grateful for their expertise and responsiveness to our many questions and requests. Given our client base and the many nuanced operational requirements for this fund, we believe UMB was unique in its ability to accommodate our bespoke requirements and meet our time constraints.
--Chief Operating Officer, Boutique Wealth Management Firm

Access specialized support for closed-end interval funds and tender-offer funds with UMB. Connect with our closed-end interval fund experts today.

Distribution and Asset Raising Solutions

We offer strategic asset raising support to help you plan and execute a successful distribution strategy for your interval fund or tender-offer fund.

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UMB Institutional Banking combines all our institutionally focused capabilities into one cohesive unit. We provide solutions for the entire institutional marketplace.

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Statutory distribution services provided by UMB Distribution Services, LLC.