UMB History and Legacy

More than a century of service

Since the 1913 founding of the original bank in Kansas City, Missouri, UMB has grown into a dynamic financial services company.


Growing to serve the nation

From a small city to a large national presence, the strength of our people and the performance of our offerings have helped us build a company for the long-term.


Midwest roots and values

As we’ve grown, our values have not changed, and we remain rooted in integrity, trust, doing what’s right and meeting the needs of our customers and communities.


Nimble and evolving

We continually adapt our approach so we can serve you with the products and services that help you reach your financial goals.


Community Involvement

As UMB grew from Kansas City to a national institution, we’ve been able to similarly expand the good we do in our communities. From small towns in the heartland to dynamic city centers, our associates find ways to volunteer and connect with the neighborhoods in which we live, work and serve.

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Corporate Citizenship

For more than a century, we have been guided by our founding principles, striving to serve our customers, communities and associates with passion, integrity and honesty.

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Some quick facts about UMB through the years

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    City Center Bank, the original chartered bank, was one of the first in the nation to offer a drive-through deposit counter.

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    In 1961, we were the first bank in Kansas City to install electronic data processors that could read up to 800 cards a minute.

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    For a brief period in the ‘70s, UMB had a 450 pound tiger named Umbert as our mascot.

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    UMB has an extensive and diverse American art collection ranging from pop and contemporary pieces to realism and sculpture.

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