Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine debt and minority equity investments

We provide flexible mezzanine debt and minority equity investment solutions so you can take your business to the next level.


Collaborative solution

Our relationship-based model permits us to fully understand the needs of your business before we construct a collaborative financing package, all with speed to decision-making.


Transparency and trust

We build a relationship through direct communication with your team, transparent deal details and a consistent delivery model so you can feel confident from initial deal discussions to closing.


Long-term partner

Our complete set of solutions through specialty financing is complemented by our full-service banking and treasury management offerings. We can meet your needs no matter where you are in your business cycle.


We understand the complexities of how you do business, and, by getting to know you and your organization, we are better able to develop solutions that meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Our multi-strategy service approach, individual attention and combination debt/equity investments can help you build and sustain your business. Our experience working with privately owned enterprises means we understand that your business requires a tailored approach to enable your company to meet its financial objectives.

Understanding risk management

We provide long-term fixed funding via line hedges or term loans to mitigate interest rate risk. Our capital and hedging solutions allow you to continue your business strategies of expansion, growth and acquisition.


  • SBIC fund - UMB Capital Corporation is a small business investment company that provides financing solutions via loans, equity and debt securities.
  • Swaps and derivatives - UMB Capital Finance will build customized instruments to help you manage interest rate risk and optimize your balance sheet.
  • Syndicated finance - If your capital needs include a complex arrangement like syndicated funding, our specialist have the experience and industry know-how to help.