Accounts Payable for Business Banking

Accounts payable management

Disburse funds quickly and efficiently with payables solutions that give you the control and flexibility you need.

Accounts Payable for Business Banking

Accounts payable management

Disburse funds quickly and efficiently with payables solutions that give you the control and flexibility you need.

Strategic insight

We review your unique business needs and help you optimize your payment solutions and strategically plan for the short and long term.

Comprehensive solutions

We are a full-service bank with treasury, deposit and lending solutions that allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your liquidity.

Responsive service

At UMB, your business is not just a number. We get to know you, your goals and your values so we can be a partner throughout your business lifecycle.

Feel confident in your cash flow strategy with UMB’s treasury and accounts payable management tools.

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ACH origination*

Our treasury management professionals will work with you to determine the ACH payment applications that can save you the most money, time and effort. And you can access fast, flexible and convenient same day ACH payments with your UMB account.

Controlled disbursement account

Our controlled disbursement service enables you to take advantage of investment opportunities and gain maximum interest income while minimizing idle balances.

Wire transfers

Our experience and technology can help you move money quickly, securely and efficiently. Online, real-time reporting gives you greater visibility into your incoming funds.

Business credit cards

Our purchasing, travel and rewards credit cards can help you simplify your payment process with online reporting and account management tools.

Positive pay

Positive pay is a fraud detection service that reviews check transactions to help ensure authenticity and accuracy. We offer several options for implementing positive pay for your accounts that can help improve fraud control.

Account reconciliation

UMB’s account reconciliation services include a suite of products designed to help reduce your administrative expenses and clerical workload.

Integrated payables

UMB, leveraging the capabilities of Paymode-X and Visa® Payables Solutions, provides you with an innovative, multi-payment type AP strategy that can help optimize revenue and maximize output. This solution can help your company reduce costs, streamline payments and drive revenue.

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Access payroll and employer services

UMB can help you serve your employees, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for managing payroll, or an integrated employee management solution that includes payroll processing, human resource management, customized reporting and tax filing.

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Gain peace of mind with fraud mitigation safeguards

UMB provides sophisticated products to help protect your accounts from fraudulent activity through transaction review and validation, filtering, blocking, exceptions and approval protocols.

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Today’s challenges are bringing tomorrow’s solutions for business payments

When it comes to business payments, questions abound—from how to solve everyday problems to predicting the next innovation in the space. Uma Wilson, executive vice president and director of bank product management at UMB Bank, explored the industry’s most pressing issues in a recent roundtable with other payables industry experts hosted by Bottomline.

Five tips that can improve business cash flow

Running a business is hard work – juggling priorities while simultaneously reacting to shifting market conditions and demand. It’s likely your first priority is to make the business successful, which includes optimizing the company’s income/expense ratio. To help adjust to the business’ liquidity needs, take a look at the following tips for improving cash flow.

Accounts receivable

Simplify your accounts receivable with UMB’s comprehensive treasury services.

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Commercial credit card program

Find the business credit card that does more for you.

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*ACH services are subject to credit approval