Integrated Payables

Reduce costs, streamline payments and drive revenue with an integrated payables solution

UMB, leveraging the capabilities of Paymode-X and Visa® Payables Solutions, provides you with an innovative, multi-payment type AP strategy that can help optimize revenue and maximize output.



UMB Integrated Payables works seamlessly with your accounting system in a single, simplified process across systems, bank accounts and payment types.



UMB Integrated Payables can help you significantly reduce the risk of payment fraud that results from account takeover, intercepted payments, business email compromise and other schemes.



Improve control over payment timing to help your business manage your cash float each month and increase efficiency with single payment files and electronic processing.



Paymode-X’s established network allows you to draw from the power of the 400,000 businesses already accepting electronic payments. Comprehensive vendor onboarding services help you manage and execute campaigns to your vendor community, including gathering and authenticating details and banking information.

Quick and easy payment automation

Effectively manage your team’s productivity

Eliminate payment obstacles like manual processing

Increase accounts payable efficiency

Maximize your revenue share opportunities

Automate day-to-day functions

Improve your vendor experience with value-add tools

Accelerate payables optimization

Transform AP from a cost center to a revenue generator

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Benefits of UMB Integrated Payables

Improve Processes

UMB Integrated Payables is a critical solution for organizations using multiple payment types or that want to convert to electronic payments.

  • Improve vendor relationships with a positive payables experience
  • Optimize team productivity by reducing manual tasks
  • Simplify processing with a single payment file

Reduce Payment Fraud Risk

Integrated payables solutions offer built-in protection against fraud to help you minimize the risk to your business.

  • Vendor validation
  • User behavior and risk scoring
  • Multi-factor authentication

Account Features

  • SVG

    Full service vendor enrollment

  • SVG

    Single payment file for all payment types

  • SVG

    Robust, active network of vendors

  • SVG

    Eliminate paper checks

  • SVG

    Electronic invoice delivery

  • SVG

    Secure storage of bank account information

  • SVG

    Enhanced remittance information

  • SVG

    Faster cash application for ACH and card payments

  • SVG

    Exchange business documents online

  • SVG

    Track payment status