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Experience more.

Ask a UMBer, “What’s the best part about working here?” You’ll hear a common thread.

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Experience more.

Ask a UMBer, “What’s the best part about working here?” You’ll hear a common thread.

Find your career here

More heart.

Put people first through your work and make a difference to the causes you care about.

More trust

Have the confidence you’ll be encouraged to do the right thing, no matter what.

More opportunity

We’re all about helping you reach your goals and tailoring your career to fit your aspirations.

It’s one of the most frequent questions asked in job interviews: “Tell me about the culture here.” UMB’s culture is co-created every day by our associates.

  • Bring energy to your work

    There’s something special about working with others who are true experts in their field and who genuinely want to see you succeed. Have a new idea? Let’s explore it. Struggling with a project? Your team has your back. We’re focused on creating experiences for our customers they can’t find elsewhere. This vision requires us to do things differently than how they’ve always been done. From working on new ways to serve our customers, exploring multiple career paths and giving back to our communities, you’ll never be bored.

  • Do the right thing—always

    How we approach doing business with integrity is simple. We tell UMBers to do the right thing, no matter what. Even if the right path is a harder one, we’ll support you.

  • Know you belong

    We’ve been around for a while—but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past. Ultimately, we want our company to be as diverse as the world we live in, meaning comprised of people of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, backgrounds and more. However, we know a diverse workforce means nothing without inclusion. Having a seat at the table is not the same as having a voice and feeling like you belong. That’s why we value and prioritize our 3,000+ associate voices.

  • Abilities
  • Asian-American
  • Blacks for Empowering People through Inclusion and Collaboration
  • Young Professionals
  • Pride (LGBTQIA)
  • SOMOS (Hispanic/Latino)
  • Veterans Engagement Taskforce
  • Women

A benefit for new parents

While paid leave for new mothers is a common associate benefit among employers, paid parental leave for both new mothers and fathers is harder to find

The benefits of yoga at work

UMB’s onsite yoga classes are offered twice per week for associates during the lunch hour in the downtown Kansas City office. With UMB’s focus on associate health and wellness in mind, these classes provide a break in the workday routine and exposure to co-workers who might share similar interests.

UMB Together

There’s no magic way to ensure an inclusive environment; it’s something we work towards, learn from and redefine every day. We have taken many steps to maintain an open dialogue about inclusion at UMB, challenging each other to truly get to know the people we work with on a deeper level. One way we do this is through what we call “UMB Together,” or ongoing conversations and events that build understanding and address biases.


“Everyone is excited to help grow the business. We don’t feel like we’re just getting assignments; we all feel like part of the growth.”

– Amy Small



“If we have a problem come up, people don’t hesitate to jump in and start working on it together. No one will ever say ‘I’m too busy to help you.’ You don’t see this kind of collaboration at other companies.”

–Shikhar Sherchan

“Not once have I felt like an outsider or like I didn’t belong. Everyone has a community here.”

– Trina Gutierrez


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