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Corporate Trust and Escrow Services

What We Do

UMB has been a dependable provider of corporate trust services for more than 70 years and administers more than $81 billion in debt with more than 7,400 debt and escrow transactions. UMB holds approximately $12 billion in assets under administration in our trustee and agency appointments.

Since 2007 we’ve consistently been nationally ranked by Thomson Reuters as the fourth largest municipal trustee and paying agent in terms of transactions.With offices in Dallas, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Oklahoma City, Phoenix and New York, we are uniquely structured to meet the needs of the national municipal and corporate marketplaces.

Types of Services Provided at UMB

Traditional Municipal Services

  • Corporate & Municipal Bond Trustee Services
  • Paying Agent, Registrar and Rights Agent Services

Non-Traditional Municipal Services

  • Corporate Escrow Agent Services
  • Default/Workout Trustee & Successor Trustee Services
  • Municipal Custody/Safekeeping Services

Why UMB for Corporate Trust & Escrow Services?

Our commitment to superior customer service and support has earned us a reputation for integrity in the industry. Our vision is to be recognized for the unparalleled customer service experience and create an environment that consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our People

We have built an experienced administrative team that allows us to deliver comprehensive corporate trust services with flexibility for customization. Our service levels and attention to detail will be assets to you and your team.

We “Live” Here

UMB’s historical ties to our marketplace and our continuing support of local communities resonate with our corporate trust clients.

Keeping Pace with Technology

We offer a suite of competitive technology offerings and we continue to explore new advancements that allow us to provide valuable and effectives services to our clients.

Our promise to you

  • Professional and courteous service to address your business needs from knowledgeable corporate trust professionals.
  • Responsive and detail-oriented service from our experienced staff.
  • Taking care of your business needs from start to finish to help you and your clients reach their financial goals.

Contact us to learn more about corporate trust and escrow services.


With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City and Minneapolis, and more than 60 corporate trust professionals, we