Investor Solutions

Bank products and services for your institution

A proven provider of large-scale banking services and insured deposit account solutions for non-bank financial institutions and fintech companies.

Investor Solutions

Bank products and services for your institution

A proven provider of large-scale banking services and insured deposit account solutions for non-bank financial institutions and fintech companies.

Breadth of product

We offer a broad range of tailorable capabilities that provide seamless integration and expansion to meet the evolving needs of your clients.

Tailored relationship model

Our dedicated relationship managers provide a client experience that’s focused on one-on-one attention, custom forecasting, modular feature selection and responsive communication.

Stability and dedication

This is not a sideline business for us. It’s a discipline with a 40-year track record of getting the job done.

  • Check clearing/positive pay
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Online banking and bill pay
  • Tailored data delivery
  • HELOC payment services
  • Investor credit and debit card
  • Wire transfer
  • ACH services
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Lockbox services
  • NSCC/AIP settlement
  • Overnight investment management

Co-branded credit cards

UMB's agent bank consumer and business card programs can help your organization grow revenue streams without incurring investments in systems, capital and human resources, while limiting the risk to your institution and easing your regulatory burden. With our portfolio acquisition experience, we can also guide your organization to enhance and grow existing card program.

HELOC payment servicing

Our solutions pair HELOC servicing firms with a complimentary suite of products and services to effectively support the borrower servicing model—from flexible and convenient ways to access the HELOC to payment collection. We offer custom branded HELOC cards through the VISA® card network and in-bound ACH receipt.

FDIC sweep program

Our proprietary technology, supported by a dedicated team and resources, offers both financial intermediaries and banks the flexibility to develop and tailor a FDIC sweep program to meet your needs. With UMB, you benefit from a scalable platform that is designed with operational efficiency in mind.

For financial intermediaries:
With the UMB platform, financial intermediaries can offer their clients a liquid alternative to money market funds with expanded FDIC insurance coverage by automatically sweeping uninvested cash balances into interest-bearing accounts.

For banks:
Our easy-to-manage program provides community and regional banks and G-SIB's with a cost-effective and stable source of uncollateralized wholesale funding in amounts ranging between $5 million and several billion.

Investor account management platform

UMB's investor banking platform is a customizable dashboard to suit your firm's reporting and operational requirements, equipped with premium features that help you streamline and expedite transactions and account servicing.

  • Built-in client support workflows
  • Exception handling
  • Settlement reporting
  • Real-time data access
  • Simplified data reporting

We met with clients just like you to determine the data and functionality you need the most for maximum efficiency. Your support team can:

  • Access up to 7 years of transaction history
  • Search and download investor demographics into multiple formats
  • Flag and track transactions
  • Adjust and confirm balances
  • Submit a customer service request

If you do not operate or manage investor-facing websites, your UMB Investor Solutions team can give you access to our investor-facing online account management platform, Investor Online Direct. Your firm can private-label this interface to seamlessly integrate with your other offerings.


Investor Account Management Platform

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Doug Pagliaro

Senior Vice President, Executive Director of FDIC Sweep and Fintech Partnerships

Doug has over 28 years of experience in banking and financial services, half of which have been focused on the insured deposit marketplace. In addition to overseeing UMB’s FDIC Sweep program, he has leveraged his expertise and deep relationships in the fintech space to lead UMB’s Banking as a Service initiative. |  301.215.7182


David Robinson

Senior Vice President, Relationship Management Director

David provides leadership and oversight to the Investor Banking client management team. He has worked in the financial services industry since 1999 and has substantial experience in assisting investor-oriented organizations reach their client servicing goals. |  816.860.1160

A full-service partner

We have services that cover a broad range of operational needs, including healthcare services for institutions and employers.

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UMB Institutional Banking combines all our institutionally focused capabilities into one cohesive unit. We provide solutions for the entire institutional marketplace.

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