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Treasury Management

UMB has long been an industry leader in offering small businesses the most current and relevant treasury management banking products built with the small business in mind.

UMB Lockbox Services

  • Outsource collecting of your payment
  • Provides accurate and efficient deposit process to maximize funds availability

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Improved control over the deposit process.
  • Extension of same-day processing window with next day availability.
  • Reduced expense associated with maintaining multiple accounts due to geographic barriers.
  • Reduced time and expense associated with making trips to the bank.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

  • Check deposits can be made, using your mobile device, anywhere there's adequate wireless signal.
  • Available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.
  • Introduces an economical option to desktop scanners for clients with low volumes of daily checks to deposit or high volumes spread between multiple locations.
  • Service is easy to use and convenient.
  • Provides an unlimited deposit window for our clients who are not located near a banking center.

Account Block

  • Block all unauthorized Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions
  • Protects your accounts from fraudulent activity

Positive Pay

  • You can provide UMB with a list of checks to pay
  • Protective checking system that monitors your account’s activity against your issued checks
  • Suspect items are rejected and researched to determine accuracy
  • All suspect items are reported to you for pay or return instructions

Check Image

  • Provides bank statement and check images via CD-ROM
  • Simplify the reconciliation and research process

Direct Deposit of Payroll

  • Safe, convenient and efficient method for both you and your employees
  • More cost effective than paper checks

Check Recovery Services

  • No-cost solution to collecting bad checks
  • Converts returned checks into electronic items to increase your chance of collection.
  • Receive 100 percent of every check collected

Online Account Management Tools

  • UMB Direct, a robust, real-time account management platform that allows you to export reports, control access for multiple users and initiate wire transfers
  • Online Business Banking, a simplified banking experience that allows you to quickly transfer funds from account to account, view transaction history and more

For more information about treasury management products and services, visit any UMB banking center or contact us via phone or e-mail.


Designed for businesses receiving 1 to 100 checks per month

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